Personal Consultation

Client evaluation and consultation; the first step to creating lasting change. I get to know you and what you need to succeed. I establish a client health profile based on your personal nutrition and fitness habits and development goals. A necessity for anyone hoping to tailor their meal plan to their exact specifications. Mobile or in-person, Fit for Royalty knows no bounds.

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Nutritional Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans tailored to each individual’s lifestyle needs and future aspirations. I prescribe these plans based on carefully observed and tested nutritional knowledge along with a little flavor based on what you like to eat! This can change your life forever, are you ready?

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Health and fitness community

Talk to some of the people who interact with the Fit for Royalty brand regularly. Pick up some tidbits and info that can even further boost your nutrition know-how!

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What I am doing here.

Fit for Royalty is a health promotion and diet organization platform. Through well studied nutrition and healthy lifestyle education and close client interaction, I create opportunities and carefully constructed plans for overall health and fitness growth. Have you been searching for a way to move beyond your current state whether it be a muscle plateau, slight excess weight, or simply a desire to better your physical and mental self? These highly dynamic meal plans will change the way you think and feel about yourself and about what you choose to consume. Anyone who wants to experience  personal growth and improvement is welcome here.

Experience and Qualifications

I have 4+ years of Nutrition and Food Science education and am nearing the completion of my Bachelor’s in Science on the subject. I have worked with multiple populations and advised many through consultation and meal plan customization techniques carefully formulated to produce change in the client. Weight loss, weight gain, disease prevention, muscle gain and maintenance, and much more are analyzed and matched up with client specifications to create a smooth transition into positive behaviors that will have lasting and profound change for each individual.

“It’s not another useless diet, It’s lasting change!”


Let’s get started!

Drop me an e-mail for any consultation scheduling, nutritional meal plan questions, or any general knowledge questions.

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