The Most Important Meal of the Day

Most of us are used to a morning routine that not only lacks efficiency, but is detrimental to our overall health and well-being. For example, consider that eating 1 serving of pancakes (homemade) is equivalent to 4 servings of carbohydrate. That means you are consuming 3-4 times the amount of carbohydrate the average body would need in 1 meal. The excess sugar and carbohydrate production wreaks havoc in the body. Muscles and organ tissue are receiving very few nutrients and the simple sugars burn up so fast you’ll forget you even ate after just an hour or 2.

Okay so that all sounds pretty bleak, right? I’m sorry to burst your pancake bubbles, (pun intended) but we as a society just aren’t treating our bodies the way we should. Pancakes are just 1 example of the widespread over-consumption and, dare I say, “malconsumption” or improper nutrition in contemporary lifestyles.

Here’s your first tip to changing yourself and your diet habits: Start with your mornings. Stop burning yourself out and feeling hungry and tired after only a couple of hours. Start by energizing yourself with complex carbs and fiber foods in the mornings. Eat fulfilling whole foods with a mix of a couple of healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. Oatmeal is a great base to start with as it provides a handful of health benefits all the while serving as a complex carbohydrate source in the process. Be careful of certain store brands, learn your nutrition labels and understanding that oatmeals that are artificially flavored or high in trans or unsaturated fats hide a wealth of ingredients that belay the benefits you would otherwise be searching for. Steel-cut oats are usually a safe bet!

Now go eat healthy earlier rather than later and keep an eye out for my next blog post, nutrition labels: explained!

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