Personal Consultation

Client evaluation and consultation; the first step to creating lasting change. I get to know you and what you need to succeed. I establish a client health profile based on your personal nutrition and fitness habits and development goals. A necessity for anyone hoping to tailor their meal plan to their exact specifications. Mobile or in-person, Fit for Royalty knows no bounds. You can choose to receive an e-mail with your profile enclosed post-consult.

Nutritional Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans tailored to each individual’s lifestyle needs and future aspirations. I prescribe these plans based on carefully observed and tested nutritional knowledge along with a little flavor based on what you like to eat! This can change your life forever, are you ready?

Fitness Community

Talk to some of the people who interact with the Fit for Royalty brand regularly. Pick up some tidbits and info that can even further boost your nutrition know-how!

Consultation and?

Consultations are more than just that. You receive tips and general knowledge that will improve your quality of life from the moment you step away from the meeting. This is the stepping stone that provides general improvement knowledge but for real lasting change, consider engaging in the meal plan option customized and optimized with you in mind.

Fitness Community and Subscription Program

By joining the fitness community not only are you gaining firsthand knowledge from people who have experience in health and nutrition or at least share in your interests and goals!

You can sign up for a marginal fee and receive constant updates in health and wellness education material as well as alternatives to your meal plan options in the case that you have previously purchased a meal plan. With this offer you gain an ongoing basis of information to help push your personal growth to a new level.

Let’s get started!

Drop me an e-mail for any consultation scheduling, nutritional meal plan questions, or any general knowledge questions.

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